Creating Your New Year Wellness Mindset

I am just another person like you starting off their new year with the thought that a new year resolution could be a good idea, but then I remind myself that they often don’t work for me.
For so many people, the story of new year resolutions may go something like this…  Even with all good intentions and motivation, new year resolutions fade out within a few weeks or less leaving you left with feelings of anything from guilt that you failed yourself to frustration or anger that your willpower just sucks, or even relief that you caved in and got back what you had been craving or couldn’t stop thinking about for the last few weeks.
None of these emotions or outcomes are going to help you get back on track with your original goal.
That’s not to say New Year resolutions don’t ever work. Yes, if you set your goal as a new year resolution it may work for you and that’s fantastic. If that is you, and in the past you achieved your goal this way, then a huge meaningful congrats to you and well done!
If on the other hand, your setting yourself a goal that is just going to have you punish your soul in response to any setbacks, then it’s not the most rewarding way to go.
Let’s not forget too that you would never have set yourself this new year resolution if it wasn’t something important to you on some level. So rather than having an all or nothing approach, break it down into smaller chunks and prepare your mind for setbacks on your pathway to your ultimate goal, and rather than punishing or derailing yourself, learn from your setback, understand what caused your setback and then keep moving forward without punishment.

Here are some ideas to help you get into the new year wellness mindset and help you move forward from there with a gentle and steady approach to achieving your goal.


Establish a SMART Principle for Yourself and Your Goal 



What exactly do you want to achieve?


MEASUREABLE Will you keep a record or journal? How will you know when you have achieved your goal?


ATTAINABLE Goals will challenge you which is a good thing, but it is important that they are achievable so you’re not setting yourself up for disappointment and derailment. Therefore, is your goal realistically attainable?


RELEVANT Is this goal meaningful to you and are you willing to commit to achieving this goal?


TIME-BOUND Set an ultimate end goal. By also setting some smaller goals within this timeframe, you can help keep yourself motivated and on track.


Pace Yourself

Give yourself a smaller target. It won’t seem so daunting and when you reach your first target, it will give you such a boost of confidence that it will naturally push you through to the next and so on until … oh look… you did it!!


Record Your Journey

This can be by simply using a notepad, a fav journal or notes in your phone. You can go even further and add photos and video. Whichever method best suits you, go for it and be honest with yourself and allow yourself to learn from your own journey. If you’re not feeling motivated at any particular stage, this is a great way to look back and see how far you have come. You may surprise yourself and get that boost you need again.

Be Prepared for Obstacles

It would be great if all our plans went without a hitch, but let’s face it, life happens!
If we can see that continuing in spite of those obstacles, having them form part of the journey of reaching your goal, and helping you become mentally stronger in the process, then the setbacks won’t always seem as disheartening.
Finances, illness, work, events, injury, fears, holidays, having a baby, among many other things can all be part of the obstacles that are just life, which you cannot always avoid. Not all obstacles are negative but they can still present you with a new level of difficulty in reaching your goal.
The harder or more complex the obstacle, the longer it may take to overcome. This is where pacing yourself and setting smaller goals with your ultimate goal still in mind, helps encourage motivation which in turn helps to build momentum and allows you to overcome your obstacle. Overcoming an obstacle may also send you on a slightly different path, but ultimately to the same goal.
Remember - easily obtained can be easily lost. If you have not acquired the useful knowledge gained from the struggles that you have overcome to reach your goal, then you may not appreciate the value of your achievement and that may allow it to slip away from you again. Obstacles although challenging are not all without their lessons or reward.

Be Kind to Yourself – Refocus Your Thoughts

It is so easy to self-sabotage. You may not even realise you’re doing it. I have certainly been guilty of it. But this one goal you have set for yourself, however important it may be, it does not define you, it is but one part of what makes you, you…
If you feel you are putting yourself down, or having thoughts that are impacting your worth and your ability to reach your goal – Breathe it out. Allow yourself some space each day, it doesn’t matter where, allow as long as you can, even 1 minute to breathe slowly, refocus and feed positive thoughts back into your mind. Happy thoughts – something nice you have heard, a nice thing you have done for someone else and how you made them feel, something that made you smile, a milestone you helped your child achieve, a nice scenery, a book you read that made you escape and feel good… there are many things throughout each day that can be used to lift you up and calm your mind back to positive thinking instead of putting yourself down. Believe in yourself and see how far you have come in other areas of your life also.