Being Dad

Being Dad

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Hilarious and honest, Being Dad tells it like it really is - the unvarnished, unafraid and most definitely un-PC guide to pregnancy and birth and babies for men.

Based on the mega-selling DVDs, Being Dad is the bloke's guide to pregnancy, birth and babies. Whether the dad-to-be would rather undergo Chinese water torture than attend a child birth class or is keen as mustard but utterly clueless about all things baby, this is the book for him.
Sam Holt and Troy Jones have interrogated hundreds of men around the globe and discovered what dads-to-be are most confused and worried about. On the way the've also helpfully exposed what mums and dads to-be are thinking during the different stages of pregnancy. Whether you'll be into sex, or not, whether you need to buy a Toyota Tarago right now, what to do if you go into labour in the carpark at Woolies: the answers are in Being Dad, dished up with reassuring info and irreverent humour.

Full of invaluable suggestions and ideas, Being Dad gives permission to celebrate the miracle of new life your own way. Holt and Jones are standard Aussie blokes who are guilty of most, if not all the disasters and pitfalls outlined in their book. This makes them experts on showing others how to avoid the same mistakes they, and dads the world over, have made. The result for couples is a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for parenthood, a chance to look at what may lie ahead and plenty of pointers on how to stay sane and in love and also have some laughs along the way.