Vitamin N

Vitamin N

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The Essential Guide to a Nature-Rich Life 

By Richard Louv

From the bestselling author on connecting children with nature, a one-of-a-kind guide full of practical ideas, advice and inspiration for creating a nature-rich life.

From the bestselling authority on connecting children with nature, a one-of-a-kind guide chock-full of practical ideas, advice, and inspiration for creating a nature-rich life - for kids and grown-ups.

In his groundbreaking international bestseller Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv spotlighted the alienation of children from the natural world, coining the term 'nature-deficit disorder' and outlining the benefits of a strong nature connection - from boosting mental acuity and creativity to reducing obesity and depression, from promoting health and wellness to simply having fun. Vitamin N is the comprehensive practical handbook, a companion to both Last Child in the Woods, that readers have been craving, a complete prescription for enjoying the natural world right now, with:

  • five hundred activities,
  • scores of informational websites,
  • an abundance of down-to-earth advice,
  • dozens of thought-provoking essays.

Unlike other guidebooks, Vitamin N (for 'nature') addresses the whole family and the wider community, including tips for parents eager to share nature with their kids; suggestions for calming infants through nature and measuring weather with elementary school children, as well as helping tweens become citizen scientists; plus information on how the whole family can join nature clubs or play outdoor games from all over the world.

Vitamin N is a dose of pure inspiration, reminding us that looking up at the stars or taking a walk in the woods is as joyful as it is essential, at any age.